Fonderia EMI - Aluminum and alloys castings


Aluminum foundry
for over 50 years

Founded in 1961 thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of Pietro Bottarini and now in its third generation, Fonderia Emi stood out from the crowd straight away with its marked sense of continuous improvement and innovation, aimed at offering high quality castings on the market.

This spirit was the motivating factor behind the continuous introduction of cutting-edge machines (in terms of both casting processes and quality control and analysis), accompanied by efficient staff operating them.

The company is equipped with automatic forming machines measuring up to 800x800 mm, eight melting furnaces, a manual forming department with brackets measuring up to 3000x2000 mm, an earth and sand regeneration plant, automatic humidity control systems, an on-site core shop, a metrological and quality control office with cutting-edge machinery, a complete deburring department and two pattern stores.

Fonderia Emi operates on a total surface area of over 7000 m², 2500 of which are under cover.

Fonderia EMI - Aluminum and alloys castings