Fonderia EMI - Aluminum and alloys castings


High production capacity
with fusions from 100 grams to 1500 kg.

Fonderia Emi’s significant production flexibility, in terms of both the size/weights of the castings and their quantity, makes it the ideal choice in any situation: it is therefore able to supply castings ranging in weight from a few grams up to 1500 kg.

Its versatility when it comes to materials is also important: Fonderia Emi normally casts any type of primary or secondary aluminium alloy, for any industrial application. The technical office equipped with cutting-edge systems performs precise metallurgical analyses aimed at certifying the metallic composition of the castings being produced.

Production, however, represents only one of the company’s strengths: thanks to the experience it has accumulated and the highly specialised staff working for the company, Fonderia Emi help customers in the design and construction of equipment suitable for the casting process (patterns, core boxes etc.) and can also, on request, supply the finished castings of any mechanical processing.

Fonderia EMI - Aluminum and alloys castings